I’m here to share my biggest passions with you – acting, filmmaking, photography and music. My life consists of making different stories seen, heard and felt. It’s for you. For you to be inspired. 

Here you can see my photography work, videos I make, and me as an actress. I strongly feel where life leads me and I’ve always known that I want to live this life to the fullest. This website is one of the steps I needed to make, so I would move closer to the main purpose of this life.

Originally I come from Jelgava and my interest for any kind of visual arts first came up when I was in the middle school and started modelling. Currently I’m 21 year old and I’m studying Audiovisual Media Arts, filmmaking – directing at RISEBA university in Riga, capital of Latvia. 

I’ve always believed that everyone on this planet have their one and only right path and because of that it’s really important for me to always keep one finger on the pulse to see everything clearly. I stand for precise and detailed workflow, but never forgetting about the main goal and joy of the moment.