My first connection with modelling industry was when I started to watch a television show “Americas Next Top Model”.  I loved that show a lot and I was full of confidence that I can succeed in modelling too.  It was my first big passion before acting, music, cinema and photography. Step by step I developed my modelling professionally in a Latvian modelling agency and started to do some photo and catwalk projects. I’m really thankful I’ve experienced modelling industry, because it led me to my the one and only right path in life. At the moment I’m still enjoying modelling projects a lot.

In 2014 I participated in a television reality modelling show “Calendar Live”, which was screened in Latvian television channels. I was 15 and that was my first professional filming experience on set. We were 12 selected models, we lived together away from our homes, every week we had a photoshoot and the photos were judged by a jury. While we had photoshoots, we also developed our public speech skills, improved our health and physical strength. In this show I met many leading Latvian photographers and developed my modelling skills. Now I continue to take part in some TV shows and adverts as an actress.

I have huge love for theater. Something about actors and the idea that you can be anything on the stage has excited me since the childhood. I started drama acting in my school years and the most important event that I took part of was in 2018 – Riseba Repertory Theater’s play “Gloria”. Because of the storyline, I needed to work on three radically different roles at the same time. And that was the main essence of the play for me. As the play was in English, I had a chance to stenghten my language skills. We worked really hard on this play with the director Aigars Ceplitis and a professor from America – Randall Galera.

One of my biggest passions has always been music. I especially enjoyed rhythm and that’s why I started to play drums, djembe and finally cajon – my main instrument.  I also enjoy playing guitar and piano. In school years I had a music group “Indomitus”, we played covers and wrote original songs which we performed in different events all across the Latvia. Currently I’m not doing music that often anymore, but I really hope, that in the future it will take a bigger part of my life.

I’ve always loved cinema as well and dreamed of being an actress in movies. When I started studying Audiovisual Media Arts in RISEBA university in 2017, soon I got a chance to play main roles in student bachelor movies and that way I developed my skills in acting for screen. Also, from time to time, I get invited to play some second part roles in movies, music videos and television adverts. I will continue to do acting and also make movies myself.





Calendar live reality show